Let’s Sit for Awhile


Ever feel empty?  Bone dry?  Completely spent?  Not sure how to get up and keep going on in any meaningful way?  It seems that life has dealt you one too many challenges and there’s no reprieve in sight.  Or perhaps you are experiencing a different kind of emptiness, the kind that comes from unrelenting busyness and distraction, ironically when life seems to be nothing but blessed.  Either way, I understand — it’s remarkable how heavy empty can feel.  What seems a contradiction has been widely written about because it is an ache that so many share.  No, friend, you’re not alone.  Welcome to Readplenish.

In our home over the past several years, there have been bushels of lessons to be learned through the hard knock school called life.  As a result, this normally very private person is learning to be o.k. with opening up in ways that I hope are authentic and unvarnished.  Albeit measured (I’m still much better at listening than chatting),  it’s about understanding there are times when being open is more beneficial to others, and thus more important than protecting my personal space or simply avoiding things that might make me a little uncomfortable.  And, although I am daily reminded my family’s experiences pale by comparison to what many others are going through (how heartbreaking to have heard some of your personal stories), if I can share bits of refreshment and hope for someone else’s journey, that’s what I want very much to do.

One of the most beautiful things about all this?  It doesn’t matter how similar or vastly different our stories may be in their particulars, we share the same fundamentally human need — to know God is both present and passionate about everything that touches our lives.  Especially in times of adversity.  Our circumstances may be different but He is always the same.

So, while I assure you this space won’t ever become just an endless commentary for commentarie’s sake on anyone’s personal struggle (goodness, that does sound tedious), I offer by introduction and the subsequent post, The Hands that Hold Us , context for the impetus behind this little corner of the blogosphere.  You won’t find many photographs or embellishments – it’s reading heavy – but I hope you discover nuggets of encouragement that make the digging worthwhile!

In a nutshell:  Real growth and true encouragement begin when our preoccupation shifts from the struggle and how we feel in it to the way we walk through it.  Things change when our focus becomes the view we hold of the One who has promised to order all things for our good.  He has invited us, the sometimes “weary and burdened” to “… come…learn…and find rest” (Matt. 11:28,29) Much, much easier said than done.  Right?  So, how do we shift the focus?  By giving our minds and hearts new food for thought.  By filling them up with truth that elevates our perspective, allowing us to take the long view of things and a right view of our Heavenly Father.   We are “transformed by the renewing of our minds” and oh, what a difference that makes as we navigate the hard stuff, even when circumstances don’t seem to improve or change.  Understanding and embracing this truth has made all the difference!  It’s what Readplenish is about.

I want you to know you are not alone if your journey is taking you through a deep valley. Let’s imagine we can sit together for awhile and find hope in truth that restores, renews, and replenishes.

Wishing you new “strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow”.

With love,


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