In Quotes


“Father God, help me

see your goodness

and trust your wisdom

in all You purpose today

in my life and in the lives

of those I love.


{JI Packer}

I came across this prayer a few years ago when we were in the throes of trying to stabilize our daughter’s health.  Terrified, not even knowing how to pray, I remember the morning I read it for the first time. Restorative in its simplicity,  it was like a breath of fresh air! Little did I know that morning how thankful I would be to have these words in mind just hours later as we sat once again in the doctor’s office, struggling to find answers for our daughter’s desperate need.

It has since become my thought every single morning as I open my eyes and my feet hit the floor.  Because He is my heavenly Father, I know that He is good, He is wise, and He is sovereign — equally in times of blessing or adversity.  That’s all I need to hold onto.

Isn’t it true there are bends

in the road of life when it’s best

to keep things simple;

to strip away the excess and

allow ourselves to rest in a profoundly

uncomplicated trust?

Let’s see the worth of a mustard seed faith clinging tenaciously to His promises, relying on our caretaker for Sprouteach tender shoot that sprouts. Let’s learn to value the  journey of faith that inches along but is digging a mile deep. After all, it’s good to remember deep wells are less susceptible to drought.  And as our faith is made stronger with each new day, let’s aspire to be “like a tree firmly planted … which yields its fruit in season” (Psalm 1).  I don’t know about you but I constantly need reminding — firmly planted trees are still about the business of putting down roots long after smaller trees have flourished and withered away.

Are you anxiously awaiting fruit in season?  I know I am.  But right now, today, I’m trusting Him for roots that run deep.

Love, D.

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