In Quotes

pencil sketch sea gull

“Affliction may be lasting,

but it is not everlasting;

a sting, but with a wing;

sorrow shall soon fly away.”

{Thomas Watson}

Hi, friends.  I’ve been thinking about this laconic reminder, written for those who wonder if the storm you’re weathering is ever going to relent.  From the pen of Thomas Watson (1652), it has captured my imagination — to know the Father’s providence established that any testing in the lives of His children will be bounded by time.  Now and again, hearing truth we believe expressed in a fresh new way animates our hearts to trust Him through the waiting.

This little gem echos the boundless confidence we possess through the promise we’ve been given:

“For momentary, light

affliction is producing

for us an eternal weight

of glory far beyond

all comparison.”

(2 Corinthians 4:17)  

When hearts grow weary in waiting, perhaps we’ll find a place to rest in this hope.  Here, arms unfold and that all-too-familiar heaviness is made a little lighter.  I want you to know,  I’m praying you’ll experience His peace in it all.  And although many of you may be nameless and faceless to me, you are known to Him — your Heavenly Father is both present and passionate about everything that touches your life.  Sometimes we just need someone to remind us once more.

Love, D.