In the Margins {Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas}

snow covered pine

Here in Virginia, it’s a beautiful sunny December morning!  Light is streaming in the windows and the air is cold and crisp.  It’s a *second-cup-of-coffee-by-the-Christmas tree* kind of day and I’m finally stuffing stockings and planning menus while my favorite holiday playlist is on repeat.  It really is all about the little things.  Simple goodness.

Looking back over this year, simple goodness is the hallmark of so much that’s transpired in our lives.  It’s been two Christmases since we left the town we lived in for twenty-three years and started a new life closer to our girls and now their fiances.  Hubby is a professional photographer and, because he can work from anywhere, this move was one of the best things we ever did.  He travels a LOT and getting away from the suburbs of Washington DC and all the crazy traffic and crowded airports has been like a breath of fresh air!  Our little local airport means he can zip in and out in no time at all.  Everything is more relaxed and intentional.  Little things.  cookies and milkHowever, leaving behind lifelong friends and a church we couldn’t ever imagine being able to replace was scary.  But of course,  we found out that lifelong friends stay in your life no matter where you are.  And finding a new church?  Well, the first Sunday we attended services in what has become our new church home, we both looked at each other with tears in our eyes because we knew this was the sweetest answer to prayer we could have ever hoped for.  His provision is always perfect. For me, being near to the kids has been so nice for those long stretches of time when hubby’s on the road. Yeah, we’re well aware how fluid life can be for twenty and thirty-somethings, and they may not stay in the area permanently, so we’re soaking it up while we can.  But one of the best things to come out of all this, our youngest daughter whose health challenges have been enormous now lives near one of only a few POTS/Dysautonomia specialists on the east coast.  We could never have known, in spite of all our years of research because, although he is a cardiologist, he never appeared in any of the reading we had done searching for a POTS specialist due to the fact that he rarely takes new patients.  She came across his practice through the recommendation of a friend who was able to get the appointment for her.  On and on, I could tell you about so many little and big God-things in this major life re-set.  He has been so faithful.   Now, we’re in the middle of wedding plans for both girls, one in February and the other in May.  Whew!  As hubby said, it’s going to be a crazy, broke year! LOL

So, speaking of family, here are the faces of the people who are my everything.  Blogging can sometimes be impersonal, no matter how hard we try to always be otherwise.  I thought, as I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, I’d make it a true Christmas letter and include a few pics off my phone from this year.  I apologize for the poor quality — I’m clearly NOT the photographer in the family! winky emoji.jpeg


Meet hubby.  He surprised me on the weekend of our 36th wedding anniversary with tickets to hear Tony Bennett in concert.  We’re both huge fans and what a fun evening!  Mr. Bennett is 93 and still sounds like his forty-something self!  Unforgettable.

This is the gang!  Every memorial day weekend for the past fifteen years or so, we’ve gone to our favorite lake to unplug and spend some quality family time together.  This year it was so much fun to have our daughters’ fiances along.  I love our little family!


Catching up with whomever is free whenever hubby is home is what it’s all about!


Doing everyday life with these five wonderful humans is by far the greatest gift I’ll ever receive!  Just like every family, we have our ups and downs, but knowing we can always lean on each other when it’s tough and celebrate together in the good is truly priceless.

That’s it in a nutshell.  Thank you, friend,  for each time you’ve stopped by Readplenish in 2019.   I hope you’ll always find encouragement and be inspired to keep filling your mind with truth and good reads whenever you visit here.  Nothing would make me happier!

Merry, merry Christmas.    pine

Love, D.