The Hands that Hold Us

dirt road and dark sky

Four years ago and within the span of three short months, our youngest daughter experienced the onset of a very serious health crisis; my husband lost his job of 23 years with no forewarning whatsoever due to downsizing; and so we might be ready for whatever further unknowns lay ahead (little did we know just how many there would be), we quickly sold our house and set out to start from scratch.  Anyone of these set-backs on their own would have been challenging enough, but all of them hitting at once was terrifying.  Shoes kept dropping fast and furious!  While trying unsuccessfully to stabilize our daughter’s health and hoping to somehow come up with tuition for our oldest daughter to continue in college (after having earned admission to her dream school through laser focus and unfaltering hard work), the implications of all this, especially for our two girls, were enormous.    Continue reading

Let’s Sit for Awhile


Ever feel empty?  Bone dry?  Completely spent?  Not sure how to get up and keep going on in any meaningful way?  It seems that life has dealt you one too many challenges and there’s no reprieve in sight.  Or perhaps you are experiencing a different kind of emptiness, the kind that comes from unrelenting busyness and distraction, ironically when life seems to be nothing but blessed.  Either way, I understand — it’s remarkable how heavy empty can feel.  What seems a contradiction has been widely written about because it is an ache that so many share.  No, friend, you’re not alone.  Welcome to Readplenish.

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