In The Margins {A Place of Holy Abundance}

parched ground green plants

Ever wonder about the purpose of God’s power?  Whether looking out on a world where daily headlines are not for the faint of heart or on a personal level regarding all the broken things in our day to day lives, I suppose most of us have.  Christian theology teaches that God isn’t just powerful, but that He is omnipotent — all powerful.   He is unlimited in power — He can do anything and all things.  But to what end?  And to what end in my life?

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In the Margins {All Is Safely Gathered In}


I’m learning a heart full of thanksgiving often shares its space alongside an equal measure of reflection.  And here’s something beautiful — giving thanks provides context for the kind of reflecting that honors our Heavenly Father.  Without it, our thoughts may wander down paths of ungrateful self indulgence, especially during difficult times. Perhaps this is one of the reasons we’ve been instructed to give thanks in everything (I Thess. 5:18).  You see, even a heavy heart can embrace and reflect on the goodness of God in the context of gratitude for who He is and all we know to be true about Him.  In ease or in difficulty, His purposes are always for our heart’s protection and soul’s well-being, a beautiful expression of His character and love.

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In The Margins {Waiting}

looking down at feet2

I’ts something we all must embrace in varying amounts at different times through life. But why do we find it so hard to do?  Is there a way to view in a new and edifying light this most prosaic of disciplines?  What am I talking about?

Yep.  Waiting.  Here is a picture of what that feels like sometimes, right?  Looking down, staring at your firmly planted feet; not gazing too far on the horizon for fear that to hope might disappoint.

I came across this little quote scribbled in my notes the other day — unfortunately I don’t know who said it.  Apparently not my best note-taking moment.  🙂

“Waiting faith is strong faith”.

I’m typing this as I sit on the sofa with my knee packed in ice … for the 6th day in a row. Pretty sure I have a slightly torn meniscus, an injury notoriously slow to heal.  Hubby’s been out of town for the entire week and so, with lots of time on my hands,  I’ve been propped on the sofa, tending my knee while reading and writing and doing a lot of thinking … thinking about this quote.

Truth is, there has been an awful amount of waiting to be done these last four years. Not the  short-term kind of waiting, as with a knee injury, but the kind that has a way of moving in and overstaying its welcome.  When life gets turned upside down and nothing fits into place like it used to, waiting seems to be the name of the game.


Can you relate?  Waiting … to see where things will land … to know if life will level out long enough to begin making plans for the future … to find answers to a laundry list of big and seemingly unanswerable questions … for the Hand of God to move and direct and order all that we care so deeply about.

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In the Margins {The Whole Enchilada}

typewriter keys

I think we’d all agree — words matter.  It’s a two-way street, conveying our thoughts to others and better understanding what someone is saying to us.  Paying attention to words makes for better conversations!

One of the best reasons I can think to recommend the books under {really} Good Reads — they help us know in greater depth the meaning of many of the words and phrases we find in Scripture and our wider spiritual reading, words that can seem archaic or downright “churchy”.  (Yeah, I see the irony  — I’m pretty sure that’s not even a word! 🙂 ).  These are words we may have heard all our lives but when pressed, we’re not really sure what they mean.  An example is the word Providence.  I always assumed I understood its meaning until I started looking at the scope of the definition.  It’s a beautiful word, rich with layers of connotation and depth.  Words like this are easy to skip over, but looking into them just a little further uncovers some really good stuff!

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